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As usual, I have too many things going at once.  Since I went to audit Phase 10 and attend Teacher Class at JEC last November, I had to have projects to work on there.... so I started on Loving Couple (a Phase 6 piece) during the Phase 10, and two new fractals for Teacher Class.    I finished up Loving Couple during our Rocky Mount class in June, will get pictures posted soon.  One of the fractals is done, the other about half way (and the repeats are not started yet). 

And THEN, we had the workshop with Kazumi in April.  Idiot that I am, I bit off a BIG project - Takarabune, the all-couching Treasure Ship.  Thought it would make a nice companion to my Phase 9 Treasure Ship.  Picked out some really pricey fabric while I was down there last November, shiny black Nishijin with gold specs all over it.    Needless to say, I haven't gotten very far (nothing since the workshop).  I'm trying to finish three fractals and Poppy Pouch before I dive into it again.

I finished Phase II of the beading curriculum (Calm Flow) and it turned out pretty well.  I've got one side of the Poppy Pouch coming along, all the stripes are done and starting on the fun part - the flowers.   Will try to get a beading picture gallery up here soon too.